The Riffe COVI-TEK© camo wetsuits are a suit that will truly allow you to blend in to your underwater environment. Not only that but you will be doing so in comfort and in warmth. This Riffe wetsuit blends comfort, maneuverability, and even style while hunter under the surface.  

Japanese Yamamoto 100% CR Neoprene (Grade 39 Ultra supple, warm, comfortable) – open cell

  • Glued and blind stitched seams for added protection
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals to prevent water entry
  • Non binding wrist/ankle seams for more flexibility
  • Slip resistant, cushioned loading chest pad on Hooded Top
  • Abrasion resistant high density Polyurethane screened knee and elbow protection.
  • Vented hood promotes excess air release
  • 5mm Farmer John (non-titanium coated) – open cell

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