Riffe Wrangler Dual Serration Dive Knife

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This Riffe Wrangler Knife is made of a NitroB heat treated stainless steel dual serrated blade. This dive knife is capable of cutting through stainless steel cable, monofilament, and High-Tech line. The blade is teflon coated for corrosion resistance.  With this knife's Orange Handle it is both safer and easier to find if dropped!

4.5" Dual Serration Blade , 9.5" Overall Length

Wrangler Knife comes standard with a Deluxe setup which includes sheath, knife keeper, rubber leg straps, forearm/leg stretch straps, and lanyard.

* Deluxe - Sheath, Knife Keeper, Rubber leg straps, Forearm / leg Stretch Straps, & Lanyard


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