Yazbeck Hamour Amara Gloves



These Yazbeck Hamour Amara Diving Gloves are thin enough to keep all of your finger movements available while still keeping your hands and fingers warm. The Yazbeck Hamour Amara Gloves have an excellent design which pairs well with multiple types of wetsuits or just to wear for hand protection in warmer waters.

These Yazbeck Hamour Amara Gloves are 1.5mm thick and made of Yamamoto Neoprene. They are laminated both sides with our Hamour Holoblend Impermeaflex®.

The palms are reinforced with high quality Japanese Amara™ suede leather for your protection and comfort.


  • 1.5mm of Yamamoto High Density Freediving Grade 100% CR #39 Neoprene
  • 100% “Green” Chloroprene
  • Hamour Camo Impermeaflex lamination
  • Holoblend Series Camo sublimation dye
  • Palm: Ultra-supple Amara™ leather


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