Bass Assassin Boss Shiner Swimbait 5''


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The Bass Assassin Boss Shiner Swimbait measures in just under 5'' in length. This swimbait provides a hard-thumping action and an ambiguous baitfish profile that works well with a number of different techniques.  This swimbait has a tapered body, and features a ribbing that helps displace water and create an overall more noticeable presence.

The Bass Assassin Boss Shiner Swimbait is fitted with a large paddle tail that creates a tremendous action at any retrieve speed. For increased performance around weeds and other snaggy environments, the Bass Assassin Boss Shiner Swimbait incorporates shallow hook pockets on the top and bottom to help keep the hook point concealed until bass bite. Whether it’s fished on a weighted swimbait hook, A-rig, or spinnerbait, the Bass Assassin Boss Shiner Swimbait will definitely let bass know who’s boss. 

Length: 4.7″

5 count per bag

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