JBL Shaka Black Series Carbon Polespear


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The JBL Shaka Black Carbon Series Polespear is performance at its finest. The Shaka Black features an all carbon fiber construction made from a proprietary unidirectional weave pattern.  This material has been optimized for maximum strength and rigidity.  It allows for zero flex under load and maximum transfer of energy to your target.  A weighted stainless steel head adds crucial mass for impacts that clobber game.  Precision machined, over-sized aluminum unions add additional rigidity and durability.  Available in 6, 7, 8, and 9 feet.  These three piece travel pole spears come complete with our break–away tip and travel case.  No game prey is safe with a Shaka Black in your hands.


Shaka Black Features:

  • All carbon design
  • Unidirectional proprietary carbon pattern ensures no loss of inertia when shooting
  • Maximum stiffness
  • Stainless weighted head
  • Rear notch for Break-Away setup
  • High modulus Nitro Band for improved speed and penetration power
  • Convenient travel case for on the go hunting
  • Break-Away rockpoint tip for shooting larger game (890)
  • Made in America

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